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100% Not Chapter 3
Carly/Shelby, Afraid, Sharly, Scared
Title: 100% Not
Rating: T for alcohol
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Summary: "I'm 100% not gay" he tweets, to convince both his fans and himself. He's not sure he believes it though, especially when he sees Zayn's beautiful face.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Zayn seems to really be enjoying the Steal My Girl video so far, which makes Liam happy. Liam himself isn’t really enjoying it as much as he would be though because, like Zayn predicted, he feels exhausted. He tries to keep his head up though because the video is almost done being shot, and he and Zayn are going to get ice cream shortly.

“I really like that marching band outfit on you,” Zayn says to him in between takes. “It looks sick.”

He sincerely hopes he’s not blushing at this compliment right now. “Thank you. I like the way you take down those sumo wrestlers.” Smooth, Liam,he thinks to himself. Smooth.

Zayn giggles in response thankfully. “You’re so silly babe.” With a cheek kiss, he goes back over to where he was standing before.

It really isn’t that big of a deal. All of them have kissed each other’s cheeks many times before. It’s just something they’ve always done since becoming such close friends. So why is it that Liam can’t stop thinking about that cheek kiss for the rest of the video shoot?

After it’s over, Louis, Niall, and Harry almost immediately start heading home, and Zayn and Liam head to the nearest ice cream shop. Zayn gets a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Liam just opts for plain vanilla in a cone.

“So,” Zayn says as he starts eating his ice cream. “How’s Wolverhampton?”

Liam shrugs. “Same old, same old. Sophia and I went to a restaurant together, I played a lot of video games, that’s about it.”

Zayn stares at his cup of ice cream, suddenly looking more tired than he did a few minutes ago. “How’s Sophia doing?”

“Umm… She’s alright.” He shrugs. “She was acting really weird before I left. She was like ‘I really wanted you here on the 11th’ even though I had already told her ahead of time we were filming on that day.”

“Hmm… that’s strange. Is that her birthday or something?”

Liam thinks for a moment. “No. Her birthday’s not until February.”

“Weird… So how are your parents doing?”

Liam finds it odd that Zayn changes the subject so quickly, but he’s not sure what else there is to say on the topic really. “Umm… I didn’t really get to see them, but I did call them. They say they miss you.”

“Aww….” Zayn smiles. “I miss them too. You should take me to visit them sometime over our break.”

“Definitely.” Just then, Liam gets a text on his phone. From Sophia. When he opens it, it says Happy anniversary babe!

He nearly chokes on his ice cream. Zayn looks at him, concerned. “Everything alright?”

“Well…” Liam gathers himself. “I see why she wanted me to be there today now.” He holds up the phone to Zayn, whose jaw drops.

“Babe, you’re gonna be in trouble for that one,” he shakes his head, laughing.

Just then, another text flashes on the screen. When are you gonna be back?

L: i dont knowwww. sometime tomorrowwwww.

S: Whattt? I thought you said the video shoot would be short and you’d make it back sometime tonight.

L: their were some difficultieeeessss and we hav to work on it a little longerrrr. Sorryyy.–Sad emoji-

He knows he shouldn’t be lying, but something tells him that if he were to tell her that he's staying behind on their anniversary to have ice cream with Zayn, he’d be in even more trouble.

S: Ugh, fine. But you owe me for this one.

L: i know. i lava uuuuuuuuu –Kiss emoji-

S: Love you too.

“So are you gonna go home now?” Zayn asks, a slight amount of disappointment in his voice.

“Well,” Liam thinks, eating his cone since the ice cream’s all gone now. “I probably should but I’d much rather stay here with you if I’m being honest.”

Zayn smiles, shaking his head. “You’re such a bad boyfriend.”

Liam smiles back, giggling. “I know, I’m the worst.”


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