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100% Not Chapter 1
Carly/Shelby, Afraid, Sharly, Scared
Title: 100% Not
Rating: T for alcohol
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Summary: "I'm 100% not gay" he tweets, to convince both his fans and himself. He's not sure he believes it though, especially when he sees Zayn's beautiful face.

As soon as Liam finishes typing out the tweet, he’s met with a ton of backlash. It’s okay though, he was expecting this. Unlike last time, he doesn’t attempt to fight it. He instead moves on to tweeting about other things.

He has to admit the fans aren’t the only reason he’s scared to say anything else on the topic. Goodness knows he doesn’t need yet another reason for their fans to be mad at him and to feel bad about himself, but he’s also trying to stay away from the topic of his sexuality because he’s starting to not believe a word he’s saying either.

Lately he’s been noticing the fact that, most nights, he has dreams where he and Zayn are kissing and going on dates together. He always wakes up both angry for thinking of these things and happy because the dreams are so good. He’s also been noticing his heart has started beating faster when he sees Zayn’s face. It’s not that he doesn’t love Sophia anymore. She’s a very sweet girl that he loves a lot, and he’s kicking himself for thinking of Zayn more often than he thinks of her these days.

When Liam and Sophia had first started dating, everything had been perfect. He was finally over Danielle and when he saw Sophia’s smile, it felt like everything was falling into place. Lately though, he’s been freaking out and trying to stop the butterflies in his stomach from taking off in a new direction. He’ll probably have to deal with them eventually but he’s not planning to do it anytime soon.

Almost as if he’s reading his mind (which is hopefully not the case), Liam almost jumps when he looks at his phone and sees he has a new text from Zayn.

The fans are gonna kill you for that one babe aha

Liam giggles slightly, sitting down on the nearest couch and typing out a reply.

I knowww theyll live though only a little while til the Steal My Girl announcement and theyll b happy again

He ends it with a wink emoji and sends it.

I hope so for your sake aha
Anyways… do you want to do anything tomorrow since we have a day off? xx

Liam considers this for a moment. He rarely ever does anything during days off when it’s just one. It’s not like they can go home or anything during that time. It would be fun to do something together, maybe clear his head from these thoughts of Zayn and him together.

Sureee. wanna go to the mall? I here they have good biscuits.

He gets a response almost immediately.

Babe, that sounds sick ! I still need to get breezy’s new album.

Liam smiles. He loves Zayn’s love for Chris Brown, as well as many other artists’, music. Actually he loves everything about Zayn, but he chooses to pretend he doesn’t for both of their sakes.

Where u sleeping tonite? He writes, ending it with a sleeping emoji.

I think I’m gonna be with Lou tonight .xx

Liam tries not to frown. It’s not like this is anything out of the ordinary. They never have the same roommate set in place for every night. Still, he can’t stop himself from wishing Zayn was sleeping with him tonight. Maybe he will tomorrow.

Ok. Ill see u at the mall tomorrowwww then. Night x

Night babe :) x

Harry and Niall come in a little later and sleep on the bed across from the couch Liam’s still sitting on. Liam stays awake because he’s afraid of going to sleep and dreaming about Zayn again (although at the same time he wants that to happen). Eventually though, once Harry sleepily gets up and takes his phone out of his hands, he finally falls asleep on the couch.

The next day Liam wakes up from his phone beeping. He stretches and goes over to where Harry had put it the night before, on the table next to the bed.

Hey babe. You coming? x

He looks at the time. It’s 10:00. In what world is Zayn up before Liam, especially this early? Shaking his head, he types out a reply.

Yes. Ill b there in just a minuteeee. Gotta get new clothes onnnn.

He ends it with a smiling emoji and puts the phone back on the table. When he looks over at the bed, he notices Niall and Harry are already gone as well. He bends down to open the drawers on the bed side table and gets out a fresh T-shirt, pants, and underwear. When he’s done getting dressed, he puts his phone in his pocket and, with the help of his security people, goes to meet Zayn at the mall.

“Hey,” Zayn says when he sees Liam, motioning for him to come over where he’s sitting. Liam obliges, taking a seat next to Zayn. He tries to ignore the way his heart starts beating fast looking at Zayn’s beautiful eyes. He looks down at the table in front of them and sees that Zayn did, in fact, get some of their biscuits.

“You were right,” he says, chewing. “Their biscuits are sick.” Liam giggles. He shouldn’t find the way he’s chewing so adorable, but he can’t help it. Everything about Zayn is adorable. Wait, what? His expression must have changed because Zayn says, “Babe are you okay?”

“Hmm?” he turns around. “Yeah, just tired is all.”

Zayn doesn’t look like he believes him, but he doesn’t press the issue any further. “You’re not gonna eat at all?”

“Oh yeah.” He had been so busy focusing on Zayn’s beauty he forgot about the biscuits. With an eyebrow raise from Zayn, he starts eating. He can definitely see why this place is known for them.

After they’re done eating, they decide to look around. Zayn stops at the CD store (as Liam knew he would) to get Chris Brown’s new album. “This is gonna be so sick,” he says, smiling as he swipes his credit card at the checkout.

Liam smiles as well. He loves seeing him so excited. “Be sure to let me borrow it.”

“Of course,” he responds as the checkout person hands him his CD back.

“So what do you wanna do now?”

Zayn thinks for a moment. “Kinda wanna go back to the hotel and listen to this album.”

Liam giggles. “Somehow I thought you might.” He winks as the two of them walk outside.

“Fifa while blasting this?”

Liam laughs again. Zayn and Louis are so obsessed with that game. “You’re on.”


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