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100% Not Chapters 4 and 5
Title: 100% Not
Rating: T for alcohol
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Summary: "I'm 100% not gay" he tweets, to convince both his fans and himself. He's not sure he believes it though, especially when he sees Zayn's beautiful face.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4: October 25

It’s 6 PM on October 25. The video was released a few hours ago today. Even though he already knows what happens in it, Liam finds himself watching it just so he can watch Zayn go against sumo wrestlers in his glorious headband. When Liam got back late at night on October 12 after he and Zayn had decided to go sightseeing and sleep in LA, Sophia forced him to come to her house to watch a romantic movie together. All Liam could do was picture the couple in the movie as him and Zayn.

He knows he can’t keep going like this. He knows sooner than later he’s going to have to tell Sophia he can’t do this anymore, but he wants to hold off on having to have that conversation as long as he can.

When he’s watching the video for what feels like the five hundredth time, he suddenly hears the door behind him open. When he sees Zayn’s face, he jumps up from his chair, hurting his leg on his laptop, which he quickly closes.

“Babe are you alright?” Zayn asks, looking at how Liam is holding his leg with concern.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” He moves his laptop to the floor and sits back down, trying to ease the pain by rubbing it. Zayn hands him a band-aid. He doesn’t even ask why he just has spare band-aids in his pockets. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Zayn pulls up another chair from the back of the room and sits next to Liam. “Why were you watching that video?”

“Umm…” Liam stutters. He can’t think of a good made-up reason so he just shrugs. “I don’t know.”

Zayn nods. “Fair enough. Do you wanna go to the club now?” The two of them had decided a few days ago that they missed each other too much and wanted to hang out soon. Liam of course suggested Funky Buddha, and Zayn was too tired to argue this time, so they went with that.

Liam looks down at his outfit and decides it’ll have to be good enough. “Sure.”

When they arrive at the club, Liam heads straight to the drinks. If he’s going to be alone with Zayn tonight, he wants to be drunk during it so hopefully he can loosen up a bit. After he’s taken his third shot, Zayn finally comes to join him.

“Where have you been cutie?” Liam asks, slurring his words.

Zayn gives him a look, then giggles. “Liam, are you drunk already?”

“You- you’re the drunk one,” he says, attempting to stand and nearly falling over. Zayn catches him, laughing.

“Come on babe, let’s go over here.” He starts leading him past the bar and dance floor.

“But I wanna dance!” Liam demands, and starts sloppily singing to the tune of the song that’s playing. “Where you frommm? Must be heavennn. They wrote that song about you, you know.”

Zayn can’t stop laughing at Liam’s drunk antics. “You’re so goofy when you’re drunk.”

“You love me though.” Liam smiles.

Zayn smiles back. “Of course.” The two of them, along with their security people, sit down at a table in the back of the club. Zayn asks one of the security people to get a glass of water for him. Liam thinks it’s odd that Zayn’s not getting drunk right now. It’s not like they’re driving themselves home.

“Why aren’t you drinking?” Liam asks.

“Seeing you this way ruined my appetite,” Zayn says sarcastically and laughs. Something tells Liam he’s not entirely lying though.

“Why? I’m so delicious.” He attempts to wink (although with how drunk he feels it probably comes out as a blink).

“Hmm…” Zayn says, stroking his chin and making a flirty face at Liam. It’s so hot, he feels like his heart may fall out of his chest. “Are you now? I’ll just have to test that out.”

Before Liam can digest what exactly those words mean, Zayn’s lips are on his. The kiss goes on for like five minutes and Liam thinks his heart must have stopped beating because this is the best thing he’s ever experienced. Zayn’s lips are so soft and he tastes like raspberries. When he pulls away, Liam is left feeling a little sad. “Eh, you’re alright. Not that delicious.” Liam starts to feel even worse about himself until Zayn winks again.

“Well, maybe you’ll just have to keep doing it until I am delicious,” Liam challenges.

Zayn considers this. “Challenge accepted,” he says, putting his lips back on Liam’s. Liam knows in his heart he probably shouldn’t be doing this, knows he should probably be doing this with Sophia and not with Zayn, but he honestly couldn’t care less right now. This is everything he’s been dreaming about doing for weeks, everything he’s ever wanted to do with Zayn, everything-


Liam pulls away and searches for the source of the sound, expecting it to be a fan who will no doubt be taking a picture of this and posting it on Twitter, but when he lands on the source of the scream, it’s definitely not a fan. His stomach drops.

“Are you kidding me?” Sophia yells, running up to smack Liam in the face. He doesn’t even protest, he knows he probably deserves it. “So first you stay over time at LA during our anniversary just so you could go get ice cream with Zayn.” Liam’s so confused. How does she know about that? “Oh you think you were smooth with the whole ‘we needed extra time to finish working on the video’? I saw Louis, Niall, and Harry were back to their hometowns and asked them why they were home already and told me everything.” Liam should slap those three one of these days. “And today you said you ‘had something work-related to do’ when really you’re at Funky Buddha kissing Zayn’s face off?”

“Sophia,” Liam tries. “Listen-”

“No, you listen,” Sophia persists. “You and me are over. I’ll mail you back the stuff you lent me tomorrow. Goodbye Liam.” With that she leaves, slamming the door behind her. Liam tries to digest what just happened, but his head is already so dizzy from the alcohol that this only made it worse.

“So, she broke up with you,” Zayn summarizes.

Liam turns back around to face him again. “Guess so.”

“Are you sad about it?” he asks, playing with his fingernails.

Liam considers this for a minute. He really did love Sophia at the beginning of their relationship, and he wouldn’t ever say it was a waste of time, but he felt like it was wrong of him to keep using her like that when his heart was mainly beating for Zayn. “No.”

“Wanna kiss some more?”

Liam giggles. Even though he knows he probably shouldn’t be so happy given what just happened, he is. “Sure.”

Chapter 5: November 1

After taking a break for about an hour, Liam logs back onto Twitter. Just as he’d expected, there are still a ton of “Ziam” shippers celebrating his and Zayn’s announcement. After the fans and media’s sudden weird obsession with the fact that Liam and Sophia broke up lasting like a week (how they figure out all this stuff is beyond him, but he’s learned not to question the fans and media’s detective skills), he and Zayn decided it had finally been long enough and it was time to come clean about their relationship.

While Liam appreciates the support the two of them have been given, he can’t help but feel like a lot of the fans are just happy because they can brag about the fact that they were “right all along” to use their words. He tries not to think about it too much though. In the end he’s glad to have the best boyfriend ever and the best fans ever.

As he’s scrolling through his mentions, he zooms in on one tweet that says “So Liam, what happened to the whole ‘I’m 100% not gay’ thing? #congratulationszaynandliam”. He laughs and quotes the tweet, adding his favorite emoji (the one of the monkey covering its eyes) and “maybeee like 17% aha”. Liam doesn’t want to say he’s 100% or 100% not anything anymore, because there are so many things out there he hasn’t learned or experienced yet, and what he’s “100% not” today, he may “100%” be tomorrow. All he knows for sure is that he’s 100% in love with Zayn, and doesn’t see that changing anytime soon.


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