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Carly/Shelby, Afraid, Sharly, Scared
Hello. :) I know I haven't really posted much writing on here in forever, but I'm participating in JulNoWriMo (July Novel Writing Month) this year and if all goes well, I'll post my novel on here (after editing it a little of course).

Here's the summary:

It’s always been tradition around here that we’re only allowed to grow the yellow flowers. Most of them don’t last longer than 2 years, but we keep growing them anyway with hopes things will get better. No one ever stops to question why we aren’t allowed to grow the red or blue flowers. We know they exist because many places have allowed their citizens to grow whatever kind of flower they want, but yet we haven’t. The reason people use as an excuse for this? “Because it’s worked in the past so why should we change it now?” aka “tradition”.

I don't know much about the actual plot other than the flowers yet but I have faith that Margret (the main character) will show me it as soon as I start writing. :)


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