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The Key Of Awesome - One Thing Parody icons
Happy, True Friends, Group Hug, Oliver/Miley/Lilly
Wave icon2 We're impossibly cute icon Gay horses eat hay icon So hetero icon

HEY icon This song is mad catchy2 THEY'RE SAMON! icon Say it ain't so icon2
Say it ain't so icon Quit staring at that kid's face icon 'One Direction' in concert icon Put on this tie + emo wig icon
He knows our secret! No! icon2 He knows our secret! No! icon Oh no, he cracked the code icon You must die for what you know icon
Abort mission icon Ew vagina icon Ew vagina icon2 Rawr icon
Ouch icon THERE WAS NO CANDY icon Nip shield icon Always like 'THHHAAANKS' icon


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